My Story

My name is Claire and I'm the very proud owner of Ruff Cuts Dog Grooming Salon based in the lovely picturesque village of Hutton le Hole. My journey began at a very early age when I fell in love with animals and in particular dogs, growing up I have always had dogs in my life.

At the age of 11, I was bitten by a neighbour's dog which strangely was a turning point which enabled me to create strong bonds with dogs that has led me to where I am today.

The excited 11 year old, full of life, running past a neighbour's house startled their Black German Shepherd which nipped me on the back of my arm. The neighbours were so upset by what happened they invited me to meet all of their dogs in an effort to make sure I would never lose my love for dogs. That day I sat on the roof of a dog kennel, met all nine dogs, including Ellie the shepherd that bit me.

There was Ellie and Fanta- German Shepherds, Toby, Cleo and Velvet – Standard Poodles, Jake and Charlie- Border Collies and finally the Yorkshire Terriers Sophie and Lucy. Within minutes I was running around the garden playing with all the dogs and have never looked back. From that point on I spent most weekends with my neighbours and their dogs at Obedience and Agility shows , watching, learning and eventually taking part.

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I then started to learn how to groom and prepare dogs' coats for the shows, which led me to learn how to clip poodles to show standard. I also learnt how to cut and generally tidy other dogs coats.

Every summer holiday I spent  my days walking, training  and looking after these dogs whilst their owners were out at work. I loved every minute and always longed for my very own dog.

Fast forward a fair few years when it was soon to be my 18th birthday, my Mum and Dad asked what special present I would like for my birthday,  of course I said a Dog. My mum and dad had always promised once I was old enough to look after and pay for the upkeep of a dog, I would be allowed one.

They took me to the local rescue centre, I walked in and can honestly say I only saw one dog, this was Murphy, a big black fluffy bear of a collie cross bouncing up and down touching the top of the kennel. I put my hand in the kennel he sat straight down, rested his head in my hand and choose me. We became best friends and went everywhere together.

Murphy lived to a ripe old age of 16.

My next love would be a Sprocker Spaniel, George, I'd never had a Spaniel or a puppy before as we'd always had rescue dogs. We had lots of fun learning about each other and exploring life together.

I started thinking more about working full time with dogs, so I went to college as a mature student and studied for my City and Guilds Professional Diploma in dog grooming at Moulton Agriculture College in Northamptonshire.

I set up Ruff Cuts Dog Grooming working from home, it came very naturally to me and the business grew very quickly as I was in lucky position of still being part of dog world social circle, but that would all change.

In 2014 my partner Luke, George and me embarked on a new challenge in life and moved 180 miles to the beautiful village of Hutton le Hole,  where we visited for many years and it was always our dream to on day live there.

I initially set up my Salon in our garage, working from home I slowly built up my business, I was loving life and enjoying meeting and grooming all the lovely new doggies in my life and exploring the North Yorkshire Moors with George.

In 2019 we happened to walk over to the Craft Workshops, in the village, and noticed a To Let sign for one of the units. The owner showed us around the unit and we fell in love with the space and could visualise the end product. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears my Salon( our Big Build) was finally complete thanks to my very talented hard working partner Luke.

I have slowly built up the business  and have loved every minute of my journey, especially meeting my loyal customers and their beautiful pooches. I now spend my days grooming beautiful dogs in the presence of my own dogs, Prince George (the Sprocker) and Princess Charlotte (the lovely little Lottie our working Cocker).

I have never looked back, I am living my dream and yes:

                                        DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.

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