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Our Services

What service to book.

Bath & Blast – choose your dog’s size and coat to book this service. This is a great way to keep your dog smelling & looking fresh. Deep cleansing Shampoo to suit your dog’s coat and skin type, Gloss shine Conditioner to suit your dog’s coat and skin type. Blow Dry and Brush.


Full Groom – choose your dogs breed/ coat to book

A deep cleansing shampoo twice and gloss shine conditioner suitable for your dog’s coat and skin type. Blow dry and brush, styling clip or scissor to breed standard or to suit your own preference. Includes the hygiene service of ear cleanse, nail trim and bum clip.


Puppy Groom, Head to Breed specific menu to find this service option.

This introduction will help desensitise your puppy for regular grooming. Deep cleansing gentle Puppy shampoo & conditioner, fluff Dry and Brush, trim of face, feet and Hygiene areas.


Hygiene Service. Nail clip, Ear Cleanse and bum hygiene clip


Ultrasonic teeth brushing for dogs. Protects your pet from oral disease and tooth loss.

A regularly scheduled oral hygiene routine is the best way to protect your pet's dental health.